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Reusable Tourniquet

Product structure:
The reusable tourniquet consists of a bayonet, a hoe, a seal, and an elastic band.
1. Close, close the limb and close the bayonet and the hoe.
2. Tighten, - hold the bayonet firmly, and tighten the medical tourniquet-end with the other hand.
3. If you need to loosen the medical tourniquet, press the slack button and pull the bayonet up and down to release the medical tourniquet. 4, bounce, need to release the medical tourniquet, one hand press the bayonet switch, the hoe will automatically pop up, you can open the medical tourniquet.
Reusable tourniquet is suitable for:
(1) Hemostasis when blood is drawn from a medical institution or infusion;
(2) Promote venous vascular filling during venipuncture to facilitate the implementation of puncture;
(3) First aid hemostasis during limb bleeding.
(4) The medical tourniquet can also be used as a fixing material for the fixation of the outer material.
Cleaning treatment:
After using the medical tourniquet for a period of time, wash it with detergent or rinse with sodium hypochlorite, then dry it and continue to use it.
1. Do not use excessive force when tightening the medical tourniquet to avoid injury;
2. When loosening the medical tourniquet, please slowly release and then bounce the medical tourniquet;
3. Before using the tourniquet, consult a doctor or nurse before using it;
4. After use, put it in a place that children cannot receive;
5. The product is dedicated to people and prevents infection and infection.
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