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The tourniquet is made of medical polymer natural rubber or special rubber. It is milky white, long and flat, and has a stack of boxes. It has strong flexibility and can be continuously extracted. It is suitable for medical institutions in the conventional treatment and treatment of infusion, blood, blood transfusion, one-time use of hemostasis; or limb hemorrhage, emergency hemostasis when the snake bite in the wild.
The tourniquet is characterized by low cost, low economic burden and convenient use, which can reduce the labor intensity of medical care, improve work efficiency, and avoid cross infection of germs during treatment. The implementation of the disposable tourniquet has added an ideal preventive measure to protect the health of medical staff and patients.
Principle overview
Tourniquet to stop bleeding is a simple and effective method of hemostasis for emergency treatment of limbs and hemorrhage. It stops bleeding by compressing blood vessels to achieve hemostasis. However, if used improperly or for too long, the tourniquet can cause ischemia and necrosis of the distal limbs, resulting in disability. For this reason, the tourniquet can only be applied when the bleeding is severe and the blood cannot be stopped by other methods.
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  • Automatic Tourniquet Cuff

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    Automatic Tourniquet Cuff

    The automatic tourniquet cuff tourniquet system is a medical device that applies circumferential pressure to the limb to temporarily prevent circulation of the veins and arteries to that particular limb.
    This allows the tourniquet system to stop blood flow to the limbs,...
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  • Medical Tourniquet

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    Medical Tourniquet

    The medical tourniquet system includes a pressure adjustment control unit, a hose assembly and an inflatable tourniquet cuff.
    The cuff is inflated with air to a preset pressure to compress the patient's blood vessels during the surgical procedure, thereby ensuring a...
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  • Adult Tourniquet

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    Adult Tourniquet

    Adult tourniquet is a type of automatic pneumatic tourniquet with built-in safety, reliability and convenience that allows you to focus on your surgery.
    Dual monitors monitor actual cuff/bladder pressure, precise microprocessor control and a 1-hour backup battery help...
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  • Bier Block Tourniquet Cuffs

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    Bier Block Tourniquet Cuffs

    The bier block tourniquet cuffs tourniquet system is an innovative two-channel electronic tourniquet with state-of-the-art technology for an exceptional operating experience.
    Practitioners can perform the Biers Block regional anesthesia procedure using the unique safety...
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  • Automatic Electric Pneumatic Tourniquet

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    Automatic Electric Pneumatic Tourniquet

    Features of automatic electric pneumatic tourniquet
    Fully automatic microcontroller system;
    Tourniquet is battery powered and therefore easy to carry;
    Built-in battery charging circuit for immediate charging;
    The cuff pressure remains at an...
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  • Disposable Cuff

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    Disposable Cuff

    The disposable cuff series uses high quality materials that eliminate the need for cleaning and the risk of cross-contamination.
    It comes in a variety of sizes and is easy to meet even the most demanding program requirements.
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  • Pneumatic Adult Tourniquet Cuff

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    Pneumatic Adult Tourniquet Cuff

    Pneumatic Adult Tourniquet Cuff achieves the cuff pressure required for complete blood occlusion in the surgical limb;
    It provides lower pressure without affecting the bloodless area;
    Use electronic and microprocessor to regulate pressure;Read More

  • Nylon Tourniquet Suppliers

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    Nylon Tourniquet Suppliers

    This pediatric special tourniquet is supplied by nylon tourniquet suppliers and belongs to medical equipment.
    It mainly includes two parts of the nylon tower buckle with the belt body and the two ends of the belt body.
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  • Tourniquet for Phlebotomy

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    Tourniquet for Phlebotomy

    Tourniquet for phlebotomy belongs to the operating room, emergency room, and treatment room equipment.
    It is mainly used in the operating room of the hospital to block the blood flow of human limbs.
    It can assist doctors in surgery, improve the quality of surgery...
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  • Hemostatic Cuff

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    Hemostatic Cuff

    Features of hemostatic cuff
    1. High-strength nylon environmental protection material, anti-aging, anti-mildew.
    2. It has anti-distortion effect and uniform pressure distribution.
    3. Lining design pressure maximum pressure ≥120Kpa.
    4. International...
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  • Thumb Cuff

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    Thumb Cuff

    The single-use disposable tourniquet is an environmentally friendly product made of latex-free material to ensure the health of the patient while ensuring the comfort and safety of the doctor.
    It is easy to operate and is widely used in major hospitals and other places,...
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  • Reusable Cuffs

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    Reusable Cuffs

    Features of reusable cuffs
    1. Fast gas
    Prevent blood from filling the artery before occlusion of the artery.
    Pulsating deflation effectively prevents sudden heart and brain ischemia.
    2. A variety of cuffs are available for all types of patients....
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