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Disinfection method of Tourniquet
Nov 28, 2017

Tourniquet is a clinical medicine for patients with intravenous infusion, injection, blood and limb pressure to stop bleeding, the daily use of high frequency, large dosage, and direct contact with patients skin, is a low risk of medical supplies, need to be disinfected.

In the early stage of clinical recovery to the disinfection supply center of the unified treatment, first of all the tourniquet with effective 600mg/l Wanforgin disinfection solution, so that the glue tube filled with disinfectant liquid, soaked 10min, there is a significant pollution can be used with effective chlorine 900mg/l Wanforgin disinfection solution soaked 30min. Then with unsteady rinse rub, into the compound enzyme cleaning liquid soaked in 5min and then rub, constant water flushing, high-pressure gun flushing rubber tube surface, Wen Chang Flushing, fresh purified water rinse, dry or dry, check.

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